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SRF 2003: Rules of writing a contribution for the workshop

As for the previous conferences (EPAC, PAC) and the workshops on RF Superconductivity ( SRF2001, SRF1999) the authors are advised to use the standard formatting templates for WORD or the appropriate style files for LaTeX.
These templates and style files can be downloaded from the Joint Accelerator Conference Website (JACoW). Please click on the links in the following listing to get all necessary information about preparing your paper for the SRF2003 workshop:

Note: Last year there were some changes in both the templates and the style files. Please make sure that you use the 2003 versions!

General assumptions:

  • A paper can only be accepted if an abstract was submitted before August 15th, 2003 (extended deadline!!!).

  • Papers of authors who did not present a poster or had no oral presentation during the workshop cannot be published in the workshop proceedings.

  • A copyright form is necessary for each paper. Please download the copyright form and fill in all required information. Sign the form and submit it during the workshop at the paper submission office together with one hardcopy version of each of your papers.

  • The proceedings will be made available on the Web after the workshop as soon as possible. Each author will be informed.

Paper submission

The length of a paper is not limited. As a guideline we expect the traditional 3 pages for a poster and 5 pages for an oral presentation.

Authors must submit:

  • the source file (LaTeX or WORD)
  • all corresponding graphic files (*.eps, *.jpg etc.)
  • a postscript file of the final version

A hardcopy of the final version should also be handed in at the paper submission office during the workshop.

Paper submission will be possible from August 18th until October 15th, 2003.
We would much prefer to have your manuscript by the end of the workshop, so that the papers can be processed for publishing.

All registered authors will be provided with a personal paper identifier (Paper-ID) and a password for every abstract they have submitted.

We offer different possibilities for submitting a paper. However, as far as possible, please submit the paper, the graphic files and a postscript version electronically before the workshop. The authors will be supplied with detailed information about this procedure later on.

During the workshop authors can submit their papers at the so called "internet cafe".

The alternative to an advance electronic paper submission is to bring your paper to the paper submission office at the workshop. Please hand in your files and a hardcopy of your final paper version. We accept diskettes, CDs, flashcards and USB sticks.

The opening hours of the paper submission office will be announced during the workshop.

We will arrange a paper status board in the neighborhood of the paper submission office to inform the authors if their papers have been accepted or not.
All Paper-IDs will be marked with green or red dots. A green dot means that a paper has been accepted. A red dot means a problem occured. In that case the author should contact the paper submission office to see one of the editors. Maybe a file is missing or is corrupt and the paper cannot be processed.

We have prepared a list of most common problems. Please read the hints to avoid any inconvenience with your paper.

If you think that anything is missing or if there are still questions and comments concerning the paper submission please send an email to Michaela Marx at DESY Hamburg .

Last update: July 24th, 2003, Author: Michaela Marx

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