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Title Results on LNL Nb RFQs
Type Talk  
Abstract Two superconducting RFQs, following an ECR source and preceding superconducting quarter wave resonators, are now installed in their common cryostat at INFN-Legnaro.  The cavities have been thoroughly and successfully characterized on a test cryostat with respect to: Q versus accelerating field, frequency tuning, Lorenz force detuning, locking in phase and amplitude, sensitivity to liquid He bath pressure.   The new ion injector will expand the mass range of accelerated projectiles in the laboratory up to the heaviest ones.

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Bisoffi G. INFN-LNL
Porcellato A.M. INFN-LNL
Chiurlotto F. INFN-LNL
Bassato G. INFN-LNL
Canella S. INFN-LNL
Andreev V. MSU
Lombardi A. INFN-LNL
Bezzon G.P. INFN-LNL
Losito R. CERN
Singer W. DESY
Palmieri V. INFN-LNL

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