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Title Development of Centrifugal Barrel Polishing and Single - Point Burnishing Methods for Treatment of Superconducting Nb - Cavities.
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract The technological process and a machine for centrifugal barrel polishing (CBP) of the RF surface of single cell, two- and three cell cavities was developed. Influence of technological parameters on the removal rate and surface quality is investigated. Maximal removal rate of Nb layer is > 25 mum/h. The highest accelerating gradient achieved on single cell cavities after CBP, electropolishing and baking was Eacc = 36 - 38 MV/m with a quality factor up to Q = 2.1*1E10. The single - point burnishing process of the niobium surface by freely rotating ball is investigated. Influence of the rotating speed, radial displacement of the ball, pressing force and lubrication medium on the quality of burnished surface and possibility to get a work hardened surface layer is explored on a flat niobium samples. Burnishing experiments on the cavity cell curvature were done. The roughness of the burnished surface is = 0.05...0.08 um, Rz = 0.2...0.3 um, Rmax = 0.2...0.3 um. The depth of the work hardened layer is 2...10 um.

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Issarovitch G. DESY
Proch D. DESY
Singer X. DESY
Reschke D. DESY
Singer W. DESY

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