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Title Process Control and Web based Software Set-up for the DESY Electro Polishing Infrastructure
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract At DESY an Electro Polishing (EP) infrastructure for single- cell, nine-cell  and the proposed double 9-cell superstructure of TESLA/TTF design was set up in 2002. Baseline for the lay out of the EP facility is a computerized system to control process parameters, process steering and safety options. Twenty five sensors are installed to maintain high reproducibility of the EP process as well as a high safety level for operation. The supervision and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the process are done by a Simatic PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system using a customized version of the standard WinCC software. More than 100 process data and events are archived in the form of process values, alarms and user archives. Process messages and local events can be due to an alarm message frame directly from the automation system or to analog alarms in the case of out-limit conditions. An implemented web server supports monitoring and optionally full operation across the internet. We will present the network implementation solution applied to the EP process control, the alarm level handling and system reaction chart as well as the extended monitoring and operation options realized in the EP operation and control.

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Morales H. DESY
Escherich K. DESY
Lilje L. DESY
Matheisen A. DESY
Petersen B. DESY
Steinhau-Kuehl N. DESY

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