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Title Cold Tests of the RIA Two-Cell Spoke Cavity
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract This paper reports recent cold tests of a two-cell 345 MHz spoke-loaded superconducting cavity built and tested for the U.S. RIA project driver linac. This cavity establishes a new performance record for lambda/2 structures. Rf surfaces were prepared using electropolish, high-pressure water rinsing and clean assembly techniques. At a realistic operating field of EACC=7 MV/m (EPEAK=24 MV/m) the cavity has a residual surface resistance of RRES=12 nOhms with minimal Q-slope even in 4 K operation. In addition the cavity operates field emission free up to EACC=12 MV/m (EPEAK=41 MV/m).  With a 3 cm aperture the cavity provides 3 MV of accelerating potential with 15 Watts of input power and useful acceleration over the velocity range 0.3c < v < 0.6c while operating at 4 K. A fully integrated stainless-steel housing with niobium-to-stainless steel braze transitions has been demonstrated and is suitable for production cavities.

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Kelly M.P. ANL
Shepard K.W. ANL
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Kedzie M. ANL

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