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Title Measurements on particle contamination during cavity assemblies
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract At the DESY infrastructure a total of eight cryomodules have been assembled up to now, In each module a degradation of some cavities was observed in respect to their previous test results in vertical and horizontal test. Most of the degradations are caused by field emission. As we know, particle contamination on the surface of a superconductor can induce field emission and limit the accelerating gradient. Therefore, a clean method to assemble cavities is very important for a module.  To understand the origin of particulates and to improve the assembly method a test set up is built. Two air particle counters are installed, one inside the cavity and one outside to monitor the total amount of particulates. We report on measurements of different orientations of the resonator during assembly as well as on various sequences of assembly. In addition measurements with clean gas overlay inside the cavities will also be reported. Key words: cavity assembly, air particle counter

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Bandelmann Ruediger DESY
Ebeling Thomas DESY
Krupa Nico DESY
Matheisen Axel DESY
Petersen Bernd DESY
Reschke Detlef DESY

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