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Title A cleaning facility to prepare particle free UHV-components
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract A new cleaning facility has been installed at DESY/Hamburg to prepare UHV  components both hydrocarbon and particle free. Both requirements are important for  accelerators using superconducting accelerating structures of high gradients as well as  for synchrotron radiation beamlines connected to an accelerator using optical  components like mirrors for the photon beam transport.  The cleaning facility is located in a clean room which fulfills class 10.000 and partly  class 100 specification. Following standard UHV-cleaning the final cleaning process  consists of a fine degreasing of the components in an ultrasonic bath and rinsing with  ultra pure water. Finally the components are dried using up to 110 C hot filtered air  or nitrogen (according to clean room class 100  requirements). Vacuum chambers of up to 4.5 m length can be handled. Small components are  cleaned using a dishwasher, which is loaded from outside the clean room. A small  assembly area equipped with an oil free pump station with leak detector and residual  gas analyzer completes the facility.

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Zapfe Kirsten DESY
Hahn Ulrich DESY
Hesse Mathias DESY
Remde Helmut DESY

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