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Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract FNAL is engaged in fabrication of two types of superconducting cavities: 3.9 GHz deflection mode cavities for RF separator of the CKM experiment and 3.9 GHz accelerating mode cavities for FNAL-NICADD photoinjector upgrade. To reach acceptable cavity performance, thorough surface treatment is required for both of the cavities at several stages of fabrication. Buffered chemical polishing has been chosen as a baseline treatment process. During processing, cavity is contained in a process tank that is filled with acid mix using gravity feed. Several stages of the etching process include the system check-up, filling, etching, and rinsing. This paper describes details of the BCP process implementation at ANL-FNAL Surface Treatment Facility, which is to be built at ANL.

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Tereshkin Y. FNAL
Boffo C. FNAL
Davis G. FNAL
Edwards H. FNAL
Rowe A. FNAL

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