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Title Electro Polishing at DESY
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract At DESY a facility for electro polishing (E.P.) of the superconducting (s.c.) TESLA/TTF cavities is build. The E.P. infrastructure is capable to handle single cell structures, the standard TTF 9 cell cavities as well as the proposed double 9cell superstructure cavities. The goal of this facility is to exceed the acceleration voltage of s.c. cavities reproducible to the region of up to 40 MV/m. The EP process is computerized and there are 25 sensors monitored to control the parameter set. The electro polishing facility is now operational since April 2003.  We report on measurements and experiences gained during the first electro polishing of single- and nine cell cavities. We present specific data like heat production during the process, variation of current density and acid temperature as well as current oscillations correlated to process temperature. The results of the RF measurements of the first cavities treated in the new EP facility and the process parameters of that treatments will be shown.  Another important point for reproducible result is the quality control of the electro polishing process. We will present a proposal of quality control steps to be implanted in the E.P. procedure.

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Steinhau-Kuehl Nicolai DESY
Ebeling Thomas DESY
Escherich Kurt DESY
Lilje Lutz DESY
Matheisen Axel DESY
Morales Herbert DESY
Petersen Bernd DESY

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