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Title COSY SC HWR Investigations.
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract This paper contents the results of COSY SC Linac cavity prototype (160 MHz, beta=0.11) simulations. The main purpose of the work was to get as much as possible information about this particular cavity and in some extend to investigate this type cavity general parameters for broader application.  The main effort of investigations has been devoted to provide structure coupled analysis with ANSYS. This allows using the same cavity numerical model with the same mesh for electrodynamics and structural analysis. The cavity frequency shift caused by structure cool-down, LHe pressure and tuning deformations using this method are evaluated. The specific questions of cavity manufacturing are discussed.

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Zaplatin E. FZJ
Eichhorn R. FZJ
Esser F.M. FZJ
Laatsch B. FZJ
Schug G. FZJ
Stassen R. FZJ
Toelle R. FZJ

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