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Title Development of the 3.9GHz, 3rd harmonic cavity at FNAL
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract Peak current and emittance of the high brightness photoinjector are limited by non-linear energy distribution in the bunch. Adding a weighted amount of third harmonic accelerating voltage allows compensate this non-linearity. For FNAL-NICADD photoinjector it can result in significant improvement of its performance reducing emittance and increasing peak current. These benefits have triggered designing and prototyping of a superconducting 3.9 GHz (3rd harmonic to 1.3GHz used as a main accelerating frequency) cavity at FNAL.  At first stage it was built two models: 9-cell copper cavity and 3-cell niobium cavity. In this paper the status of the cavity design and results of RF measurements of the two models are presented.

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Solyak N FNAL
Borissov E FNAL
Edwards H FNAL
Foley M FNAL
Khabiboulline T FNAL
Mitchell D FNAL

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