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Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract Strongly HOM-damped single-cell cavities have been used for some time in storage rings where modest voltage and high beam current are required. Future high-current applications such as electron cooling or high-powered free electron lasers based on energy-recovered linacs would benefit from similarly damped multi-cell structures. We explore the possibilities for applying strong HOM damping techniques to multi-cell structures. We use modern simulation techniques to compare several commonly used methods such as beam-pipe damping, coaxial and waveguide dampers, and the influence of number of cells and cell shape on the resulting impedance. (Superstructures consisting of more than one multi-cell cavity are not covered here but are discussed elsewhere at this meeting). We also consider the possibilities for even stronger damping, if required, and discuss the implications for cavity construction and performance that might result from these changes.

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Rimmer Robert JLab
Wang Haipeng JLab
Wu Genfa JLab

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