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Title Production and performance of the first CEBAF upgrade cryomodule prototype
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract The first CEBAF Upgrade cryomodule intermediate prototype has been produced and installed in the CEBAF accelerator. It contains eight 7-cell cavities with the original CEBAF cell shape and was designed to deliver 70 MV. Several significant design modifications are demonstrated in this cryomodule. This paper describes the production procedures, the performance characteristics of these cavities in vertical tests, results of tests in the new cryomodule test facility (CMTF) as well as the commissioning in the CEBAF tunnel. The cryomodule showed gradient capabilities well beyond the design specifications in the CMTF. After its installation in the CEBAF accelerator, its performance suffers from some cryogenic limitations, which are discussed in this paper along with improvements proposed for future cryomodules.

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Valente AM JLab
Delayen J JLab
Drury M JLab
Hovater C JLab
Mammmosser J JLab
Phillips L JLab
Powers T JLab
Preble J JLab
Reece C JLab
Rimmer R JLab
Thomas-Madec C JLab
Wang H JLab

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