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Title Approach towards development of 350MHz bulk Nb SCRF Cavities for 100MeV LINAC.
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract In this paper we present the approach for the development of bulk niobium reentrant type 350 MHz SC RF cavity. The work is a part of development of a 100 MeV CW Proton LINAC being pursued by Centre for Advanced Technology as part of Indian ADS programme. 350 MHz Cavity for beta 0.1 has been designed using SUPERFISH and structural analysis has been done by FE analysis. It is proposed to adopt the bulk niobium approach for double wall cavity. The cavity inner and outer vessels will be produced by deep drawing techniques and finally electron beam welded in stages. The inner vessel will be made from high RRR Nb (more than 200) while the outer vessel will be made using low RRR Nb (approx.30, reactor grade). The pipe ports reaching cavity may need pullouts to have smooth surface and joints. The transition metal joints required for the demountable flanges, which are to be welded to Nb ports will be a made using explosion bonded Nb to SS sheets. Fabrication of cavity is an interactive process between press shop, machine shop, EB welding, chemical cleaning and high pressure rinsing station. Various stages worked out for the complete cycle are, Deep drawing, precision machining at weld joint, EB welding with intermediate (BCP) cleaning, high pressure rinsing, high temperature vacuum annealing and leak check and final assembly in a clean room followed by assembly in cryostat and RF testing. The special infrastructure development for various application like electrochemical cleaning (BCP), high temperature vacuum annealing, electron beam welding, and high pressure rinsing has also been initiated.

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Puntambekar A CAT, Indore
Karmarkar M CAT, Indore

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