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Title Completion of ALPI medium beta section upgrading
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract The upgrading of ALPI has just been completed. All the 44 accelerating medium beta cavities had their Pb coating replaced by sputtered Nb.  The refurbishing of the resonators allowed to increase their average accelerating field from 2.6 to more than 4.3 MV/m, at 7W dissipated power, in spite of geometry and copper quality problems in the existing substrates. Some resonators can reach and operate at more than 6 MV/m.  The renewed cavities are driven by the same amplifiers and control systems of the previous Pb/Cu resonators and maintain the same reliability even when set at much higher accelerating field. The low sensitivity of their resonant frequency to He bath pressure fluctuations (up to more than 300 mbar) allows their operation without necessity of any continuous tuning system. The upgrading upgrading of resonators, that was realized at a negligible cost and was combined to a necessary programme of cryostat maintenance, did not interfere with ALPI beam time schedule.

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