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Title Status of the Development of a Superconducting 352 MHz CH-Prototype Cavity
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract Normalconducting H-mode cavities have been developed and operated sucessfully during the last decades for a large variety of applications in the field of ion acceleration. The superconducting CH-structure which is currently under development at the IAP/Frankfurt is a new multi-gap drift tube structure operated in the TE21 mode. The use of the KONUS beam dynamics allows long lens free sections and in consequence multi gap structures at low beta values. A 352 MHz CH-prototype cavity optimized for a beta of 0.1 is under fabrication. We present the design concept of this 19-cell cavity as well as the status of the production and possible applications.

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Podlech H IAP
Liebermann H. IAP
Ratzinger U IAP
Deitinghoff H IAP
Klein H IAP
Sauer A IAP

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