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Title Pipe Cooling of Superconducting cavities
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract Cryostat and Cryogenic system account for a relevant amount of the total SRF accelerator Budget. The standard bath cooling, already in use singe the beginning of the use of SRF cavities have some drawbacks mainly due to the large inventory of Liquid helium to be handled and stored. Pipe cooling, if proven successful, will greatly reduce the Cryogenic design of an SRF accelerator, and possibly, substantially reduce the construction and operation costs. We will present a specially developed post processor for our OSCAR code allowing for the evaluation of the maximum achievable fields in Pipe Cooled SRF Cavities. Pipe cooling will be invaluable for all the application, as Gravitational Wave detectors, needing a minimum interaction between the cavity mechanical modes and the  A typical application for pipe-cooled cavities will be shown, and the limits of the cooling method will be discussed. Based on the results of the numerical optimization, an experimental program is started to check the validity and the limits of the Pipe cooling system for a 3 GHz cavity.

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Parodi Renzo F. INFN-Genoa
Ballantini Renzo INFN-Genoa
Chinacarini Andrea INFN-Genoa
Gemme Gianluca INFN-Genoa

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