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Title Overview of the Cornell ERL Injector Cryomodule
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract The ERL injector will accelerate bunches from the electron source from 0.5 MeV to 5 MeV with minimal emittance dilution.  There will be one cryomodule with five 1300 MHz 2-cell cavities, each providing one MV of acceleration, corresponding to an accelerating field of about 4.3 MV/m in CW operation.  Besides standard features, each cavity has two input couplers, symmetrically placed on the beam pipe to cancel kicks due to coupler fields. For a 100 mA maximum injected beam current, each coupler must deliver 50 kW of beam power leading to a Qext of 4.6 x10**4 for matched beam loading conditions. Antenna- and loop-based HOM couplers can also disturb beam emittance through kicks.  We plan to avoid the use of such couplers.  Following the strategy for B-factory SRF cavities, the beam pipe aperture has been enlarged on one side to propagate all higher order modes out to symmetric ferrite beam pipe loads. These are positioned outside the helium vessel and cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature. Ferrite properties at 77 K have been measured and the corresponding damping evaluated.  To explore the full capabilities of the injector, energy gains up to 3 MV per cavity will be considered at lower beam currents. For this flexibility, the input coupling needs to be adjustable by a factor of 9.

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Padamsee H. Cornell University
Barstow B. Cornell University
Bazarov I. Cornell University
Belomestnykh S. Cornell University
Geng R.L. Cornell University
Liepe M. Cornell University
Shemelin V. Cornell University
Sinclair C. Cornell University
Smith E. Cornell University
Smolenski K. Cornell University
Tigner M. Cornell University
Veserevich V. Cornell University

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