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Title Development Superconducting RF Resonators for ANU Heavy Ion Accelerator
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract An upgrade of the LINAC at the ANU will rely upon the proven success of PbSn plating split-loop-resonators (SLRs), which perform at accelerating fields of 3.5 MV/m.  These resonators will be combined with 21, two and three-stub resonators, of novel and efficient design. The multi-stub resonators have demonstrated adequate frequency splitting between the accelerating from other modes and feature a demountable stub assembly joint with acceptably low currents. Superconducting RF activity in the last two years has been targeted on: 1. improving the performance of the 12 SLRs by re-plating with PbSn and 2. the optimization of  the two-stub resonator (DVOIKA) using Mafia/MWS software in collaboration with FZJ, Juelich. A pre-prototype two-stub resonator was manufactured and is ready for cold test. The development work and current status for DVOIKA cavities is discussed.

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Lobanov N R RSPhSE ANU
Weisser D C RSPhSE ANU
Zaplatin E N FZJ Juelich

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