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Title Accomplishment of Re-plating ANU LINAC
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract The performance of the twelve split-loop resonators (SLRs) of the ANU LINAC has been substantially improved by re-plated with 96%Pb-4%Sn. The re-plating with Pb-Sn Schlotter MSA solution was initially plagued by the appearance of dendrites on the surface plated.  Reverse-pulse-plating at modest currents eliminated the dendrites.  In addition, a new technique has been demonstrated of mechanically polishing the unsatisfactory PbSn surface and then re-plating, rather than laboriously chemically stripping the old PbSn and hand polishing the Cu substrate. It is enormously easier, faster and does not put at risk the thin cosmetic electron-beam-welds or the solder-repaired welds. An average acceleration field of 3.5 MV/m has been achieved in off-line tests. Twelve SLRs are currently installed and operated in the ANU LINAC.

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Lobanov N R RSPhSE ANU
Weisser D C RSPhSE ANU

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