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Title Electropolishing of niobium mono-cell cavities at Henkel Electropolishing Technology Ltd. (Germany)
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract A system for electropolishing niobium 1.3 GHz cavities has been built by Henkel Electropolishing Technology Ltd. (Germany). The system allows electropolishing of mono-cell cavities. The process includes rinsing with hot ultrapure water and diluted nitric acid after the electropolishing process to reduce the risk of a surface contamination by salt residues from the acid mixture. Final cleaning procedures take place in a classified clean room. Two mono-cell cavities have been electropolished showing gradients exceeding 30 MV/m. A modification to electropolish multi-cell cavities is underway.

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Lilje Lutz DESY
Henkel B. Henkel Electropolishing Technology Ltd.
Reschke D. DESY
Twarowski K. DESY
Matheisen A. DESY

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