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Title Quality Control at the TTF- Cleanroom Infrastructure for Cavity- processing
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract At DESY Hamburg the Tesla Test Facility (TTF) was set up in the year 1992. One major component of the TTF infrastructure is the cleanroom (Ref.: 1) where the preparation of about 70 superconducting (s.c.) TESLA/TTF-cavities took place. A strong variation of results in the cavity performances in respect to field emission onset level was observed. To minimize the spread and to dedicate the origin of field emitters a quality control system is set up. The TTF-cleanroom is divided in 3 classes of air quality (class 10, class 100 and class 10 000) specified by Federal Standard 209E, ISO 14 644 and VDI 2083. The preparation of cavities by ultrasound cleaning, chemical surface treatment, pure water rinse is done in class 10 000 environment while the high pressure rinsing station (HPR) and assembly areas are placed in the class 10 and 100 laminar air flow region. For pumping and drying of cavities three oil free vacuum-pump stations (VPS) are connected  to the class 10 assembly areas.  Three air particle counters are located in class 10 and 100 area. A liquid particle counter, located in the gray room, and a automatic scanning microscope for optical filter analysis in the class 10 000 area, are installed for quality control (QC). This is a report about the quality control established in the preparation sequences. Results of routine check of cleanroom air and ultra pure water (UPW) as well as qualification of components after system break down will be presented. In addition the analysis of datasets of contamination control measurements and cavity performance will be shown. Ref.: 1 Proceedings of the fourth international conference and exhibition: World Congress on superconductivity NASA Conference Publication 3290 Page 84 ff

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Krupka Nicolay DESY
Ebeling Thomas DESY
Escherich Kurt DESY
Matheisen Axel DESY
Morales Herbert DESY
Petersen Bernd DESY
Reschke Detlef DESY
Steinhau-Kuehl Nicolai DESY
Zhu Feng phd Student from Peking University

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