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Title Approach towards establishing cryogenic test facility for SCRF cavities of 100MeV proton LINAC
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract This paper describes our approach for establishing a facility for testing of SCRF cavities (350 MHz) at 4.2K. These cavities, made from bulk Niobium, are proposed for 100 MeV CW Proton Linac project which is being pursued at Centre for Advanced Technology (CAT). This test facility will be used for validating fabrication and processing schemes adopted in manufacturing the cavities. The tests to be performed will include (i) testing the main cavity vessel for leak at 4.2 K and after warm up (ii) Thermal mapping of the cavity inner vessel to investigate cause of quench or any other anomalous signal (iii) effect of helium pressure fluctuation on tuning of the cavity and (iv) full power rf test at 4.2K for Q Vs Ea , Multipacting, Field Emission etc. The test facility will comprise of two vertical cryostats, one for the testing of inner vessel that needs to be immersed in a liquid helium bath. The other cryostat will be used for testing of assembled cavity with its own helium capacity. This cryostat will have a container of helium positioned on top of the cavity. Suitable system for rf powering and pick up antenna will be provided. The cryostat will have appropriate instruments for monitoring helium pressure, vessel vibration, thermal mapping, FE etc. The work on the facility has been launched.

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Khare P. C.A.T.
Kush P. C.A.T.
Karmarkar M. C.A.T.

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