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Title Analysis of SCRF 350 MHz bulk Nb cavity for 100 MeV  Proton LINAC
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract Different accelerating schemes are under consideration after RFQ stage for 100 MeV cw Proton Linac Project. 350 MHz reentrant type SCRF cavity is one of the promising options. Structural analysis for same has been conducted. Geometry of 350 MHz cavity has been worked out at operating temperature 4.2 K using SUPERFISH code. From this cold geometry the room temperature dimensions are worked out using ANSYS. The inside shell material is selected as bulk Nb and analysis of various materials for outer shell is discussed here. Nb sheet thickness for inner shell and outer shell is estimated from mechanical stresses and deflection necessary for tuning purpose. The effect of the vacuum load at room temperature and at 4.2 K with and without helium pressure is studied for finalizing stiffener design and for the both the radial and circumferential option. The effect of change in the pressure inside the vessel is also studied for frequency response. Selection of Nb4-3 structure (thickness of inner shell and outer shell is 4 and 3 mm respectively) is done on the basis of this combined analysis.

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Jain Vikas Centre for Advanced Technology
Pande S Centre for Advanced Technology
Karmarkar Mangesh Centre for Advanced Technology

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