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Title Niobium Quarter-Wave Resonator Development for the Rare Isotope Accelerator
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract The Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) is being designed to provide an intense supply of exotic isotopes for nuclear physics research.  Superconducting cavities (continuous wave operation) are to be used for the driver linac to accelerate heavy ions to an energy of 400 MeV per nucleon, with a beam power of up to 400 kW.  Design studies for a 10th-harmonic driver linac are in progress at NSCL.  Three different types of superconducting quarter-wave resonators (QWRs) are envisaged for the first segment of the driver linac.  The first QWR type (optimum beta = 0.041, 80.5 MHz) is very similar to existing QWRs in use at LNL.  The second (optimum beta = 0.085, 80.5 MHz) and third (optimum beta = 0.16, 161 MHz) types are being designed and prototyped as a collaborative effort between LNL and NSCL.  A simplified version of the beta = 0.085 QWR is under construction; a simplified beta = 0.16 QWR has been completed, and is presently being tested.  The QWR development effort and first RF testing results will be discussed in this paper.  The design and prototyping of a more advanced beta = 0.16 QWR with an integrated helium vessel is also underway, as will be reported in a separate paper for this workshop.

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Hartung W. NSCL/MSU
Bierwagen J. NSCL/MSU
Bricker S. NSCL/MSU
Colthorp J. NSCL/MSU
Compton C. NSCL/MSU
Hitchcock S. NSCL/MSU
Saxton L. NSCL/MSU
Zviagintsev V. INFN-LNL

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