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Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract We present results of a program to develop and test a reliable cryogenic leak-tight, copper-brazed transition between niobium and stainless steel for use in superconducting niobium cavities.  We have chosen to make the integral helium container that houses a niobium cavity of stainless steel rather than titanium both for ease of fabrication and also for low cost.  Other techniques for joining niobium to stainless steel such as electron beam welding (EBW) and explosive bonding have not in our experience provided the quality and reliability needed for the intended service.  The braze technique described is a further development and simplification of a technique developed several years ago at CERN. Our technique has improved on the CERN method in requiring less machining and a simpler set-up, while producing a very robust, void-free, and leak tight joint. The braze joint withstands mechanical load, repeated LHe cooling cycles, and can tolerate subsequent EBW of niobium within a few cm of the braze joint.

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Fuerst J ANL
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