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Title Design and construction of a 352 MHz, beta=0.31 Superconducting Half Wave Resonator for high intensity beams
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract A 352 MHz, b=0.31 superconducting Half Wave resonator was designed at LNL and the prototype is presently under construction. The cavity is aimed for the intermediate energy section of the SPES driver, a wide-b linac for high intensity protons and deuterons; it could also fit the requirements of superconducting linacs for radioactive beams, like the EURISOL post-accelerator. The resonator is designed with a double wall structure similar to the LNL 80 MHz low-b quarter-wave resonators. Compared to Spoke-type resonators with similar optimum velocity, the SPES HWR aims to be more compact in order to obtain a higher real-estate gradient and a better mechanical stability, at the expenses of a slightly lower shunt impedance. This could make it particularly suitable to pulsed operation. The cavity rf and mechanical design will be presented and discussed, as well as the status of the prototype construction.

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Zviagintsev V. INFN-LNL

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