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Title Quarter-wave cavities for the SPIRAL 2 project
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract Spiral 2 is the next accelerator to be built at GANIL. It consists of a superconducting linac accelerating deuterons up to 40 MeV/u, and target/source for production of rare isotopes. The superconducting accelerating part of the linac is a combination of two beta families of quarter-wave and/or half-wave resonators. The RF base frequency is 88 MHz for the lower energy part and 176 MHz for the high energy section. An design with a high energy part at 88 MHz is also evaluated.  We review the RF optimisation and properties of the quarter-wave resonators for the different beta and frequency families. The mechanical aspects dealing with the frequency stability of the cavities, namely helium pressure effects and tunability have been studied using coupled RF and structural 3D codes.

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Devanz G CEA/Saclay
Bernaudin P. E CEA/Saclay
Bosland P CEA/Saclay
Chel S CEA/Saclay
Baze J. M CEA/Saclay
Nunio F CEA/Saclay
Morin Y CEA/Saclay

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