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Title Study of Higher Order Modes in 5-Cell SRF Cavity for  E-Cooling at RHIC
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract The electron cooling project for RHIC luminosity upgrade and future projects such as eRHIC demand cavities operating at high average current and high charge in CW energy recovery mode. This paper will describe the ongoing effort in developing a 5-cell superconducting cavity for such high current and high charge linac. The operation frequency of the cavity is 703.75 MHz with an iris of 17cm and two ferrite absorbers for HOM damping.  The main focus of this paper is to identify and investigate possible trapped HOM modes that might result in multibunch instabilites. Detailed Mafia calculations were perfomed using e-module for different end cell geometries and results from these calculations including beam breakup thresholds from TDBBU will be presented.

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Calaga Rama Stony Brook/BNL
Ben-Zvi Ilan BNL
Zhao Yonxiang BNL
Wang Dong BNL

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