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Title Control System for BCP processing facility at FNAL
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract Since the surface processing is one of the key elements of superconducting RF cavity fabrication, safety and reliability are the main requirements for the chemical surface treatment facility being developed at FNAL. Accepting the BCP as a baseline process, a gravity feed and open tank approach has been chosen at this stage. This choice forced the introduction of strong automation due to the number of elements to be controlled at different steps of the process. In order to allow for maximum flexibility, two operational modes were defined within the control system: semiautomatic, which requires operator s decision to move from one stage to another, and manual. This paper describes the main features of the control system under development at FNAL to be used in the new BCP facility.

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Boffo C FNAL
Connolly D FNAL
Elementi L FNAL
Tereshkin Y FNAL

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