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Title Design study of a 176 MHz SRF half-wave resonator for the SPIRAL-2 project
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract In November 2002, the decision was taken to prepare an RnD program to study and develop the superconducting resonators (QWR and HWR) proposed for the Spiral-2 project. In this context, IPN Orsay started the design study of a 176 MHz beta 0.14 half-wave SRF cavity and its integration in a cryomodule, in close connection with the requirements coming from the beam dynamics along the Spiral-2 superconducting linac. The final aim is to build and test a first HWR prototype before summer 2004. The main results of this on-going study are presented here.

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Biarrotte J-L. IPNO
Blivet S. IPNO
Bousson S. IPNO
Junquera T. IPNO
Olry G. IPNO
Saugnac H. IPNO

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