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Title Field Flatness Tuning of TM110 Mode Cavities With Closely Spaced Modes
Type Poster cavity design / fabrication / treatment
Abstract Superconducting cavities for the CKM RF separated kaon beamline at Fermilab have modes which are closely spaced compared to the resonance bandwidths when warm, and this complicates the field flatness tuning process. Additionally, it is necessary to maintain the azimuthal orientation of the mode during the tuning deformations.  We present two analytic techniques to warm-tune cavities with overlapping modes, a finite-element analysis of the tuning process, the design of a warm tuner which maintains mode polarization, and the results of tuning a cavity in which initial manufacturing variations caused the desired pi and nearby pi-1 modes to be indistinguishable before field flatness tuning.

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Bellantoni L FNAL
Edwards H FNAL
Khabibouline T FNAL
Rowe A  

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