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Title Control of Microphonics and Lorentz Force Detuning with a Fast Mechanical Tuner
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Abstract Microphonics and Lorentz force detuning have a significant impact on the achievable field stability and rf power requirements in superconducting accelerators. The pulsed  operation of high gradient cavities results in dynamic Lorentz force detuning approaching or exceeding the bandwidth of the cavity of the order of a few hundred Hz. In energy recovery linacs the highest possible loaded Q is desired to reduce rf power requirements. In this case a typical microphonic noise level of a few Hz is limiting the permitted loaded Q. In both cases detuning control with a fast mechanical tuner using piezoelectric or magnetostrictive actuators appears very attractive. The issues to be addressed are the achievable stroke at low temperatures, mechanical preload to maximize lifetime and associated in situ force measurement, design of the fast tuner fixture including the actuator/sensor configuration, feedforward algorithm for the compensation of repetitive Lorentz force detuning, and feedback algorithm for the control of microphonics.

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