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Title Review of the Status of SRF Photo-Injectors
Type Talk operating experience
Abstract Superconducting radio frequency photoelectron injectors open the way to low-emittance electron beams  in continuous-wave  operation mode. Their progress is essential for future projects of  high-power free electron lasers, energy recovery linacs and next generation light sources.  In this presentation, the technical issues associated with the design, construction and operation of  SRF photo-injectors will be reviewed together with the progress in several laboratories during the past few years. Results of  the operation of the Rossendorf SRF photo-injector with an 1.3 GHz  niobium half cell and the future projects are discussed in detail.

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Teichert J. FZR
Buettig H. FZR
Evtushenko P. FZR
Janssen D. FZR
Lehnert U. FZR
Michel P. FZR
Schneider Ch. FZR

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