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Abstract Two identical Super-3HC cryomodules have been implemented in ELETTRA and SLS since mid of year 2002. For both machines this third harmonic superconducting system, operating in bunch lengthening mode, improves performances in terms of stability and lifetime.  The general design of the cryomodule was demonstrated to reach very tight specifications for HOMs damping, tuning resolution and maximum tuning range. Goals for accelerating fields, cryogenic losses, and vacuum were also reached with more margins. Some technological problems at ELETTRA delayed the complete system operation for some months, whereas SLS cryomodule system caused no direct interlock since the commissioning done at the end of August 2002.

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Bosland P CEA Saclay France
Bredy P CEA Saclay France
Chel S CEA Saclay France
Devanz G CEA Saclay France
Craievich P Sincrotrone Trieste Italy
Penco G Sincrotrone Trieste Italy
Svandrlick M Sincrotrone Trieste Italy
Pedrozzi M PSI Switzerland
Gloor W PSI Switzerland
Anghels A EPFL-CRPP Switzerland
Chiaveri E CERN Switzerland
Lositi R CERN Switzerland
Aberle O CERN Switzerland
Marchand P Synchrotron SOLEIL France

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