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Abstract Superstructures, chains of superconducting  multi-cell cavities (subunits) connected by half-wavelength long tube(s) have been proposed as an alternative layout for the TESLA main accelerator. After three years of preparation, two superstructures, each made of two superconducting 7-cell weakly coupled subunits, have been installed in  the Tesla Test Facility linac for the cold- and beam test. Energy stability, HOM damping, frequency and field adjustment methods were tested. The measured results confirmed expectations on the superstructure performance and proved that an alternative layout for the 800 GeV upgrade of the TESLA collider is feasible. We report on the test and give here an overview of its results. The cold  test confirmed very good damping of HOMs in superstructures and thus has opened a new possible application of this concept to high current energy recovery machines.  We have built two 1.5 GHz copper models of two superstructures: 2x5-cells and 2x2-cells to prove further improvement of HOM damping. This contribution presents also measured results on these models.

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Sekutowicz J JLAB/DESY
Albrecht C DESY
Ayvazyan V DESY
Bandelmann R DESY
Buettner T DESY
Castro P DESY
Choroba S DESY
Eschke J DESY
Faatz B DESY
Goessel A DESY
Honkavaara K DESY
Horst B DESY
Iversen J DESY
Jensch K DESY
Kaiser H DESY
Kammering R DESY
Kreps G DESY
Kostin D DESY
Lange R DESY
Lorkiewicz J DESY
Matheisen A DESY
Moeller W-D DESY
Peters H-B DESY
Proch D DESY
Rehlich K DESY
Reschke D DESY
Schlarb H DESY
Schreiber S DESY
Simrock S DESY
Singer W DESY
Singer X DESY
Twarowski K DESY
Weichert G DESY
Wendt M DESY
Wojtkiewicz G DESY
Zapfe K DESY
Liepe M Cornell
Huening M FNAL
Ferrario M INFN
Plawski E INS
Pagani C INFN
Kneisel P JLAB
Baboi N SLAC
Thomas C Synchrotron Soleil
Chen H Tsinghua University
Huang W Tsinghua University
Tang C Tsinghua University
Zhen S Tsinghua University

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