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Title High gradient experiments in electropolished TESLA multi-cell cavities
Type Talk high gradient
Abstract Several nine-cell cavities of the TESLA type have been  electropolished at Nomura Plating in collaboration with KEK  and DESY. Four cavities have achieved gradients of 35 MV/m  and quality factors exceeding the TESLA specification of a  Qo=5x10 9 in the continuous wave vertical test. Up to now,  one cavity was equipped with a helium tank and a high power  coupler. In the horizontal high power pulsed test stand  (CHECHIA) the excellent performance was maintained. The use  of piezo actuators for Lorentz-force compensation was  successfully demonstrated. Multipacting was observed around  20 MV/m, but could be processed easily. The cavity was  operated for more than 600 hours at 35 MV/m and has shown no  sign of degradation. Further high gradient tests are under  preparation.

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Lilje Lutz DESY
Kako E. KEK
Saito K. KEK
Suzuki T. Nomura Plating
Kostin D. DESY
Moeller W.-D. DESY
Lange R. DESY
Eschke J. DESY
Reschke D. DESY
Simrock S. DESY
Schmueser P. DESY
Proch D. DESY
Matheisen A. DESY
Sekalski P. University of Lodz
Bosotti A. INFN
Paparella R. INFN

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