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Title Q-slope at High Gradients: Review about Experiments and Explanations
Type Talk high gradient
Abstract The quality factor of niobium superconducting cavities shows a strong degradation (Q-slope) for accelerating fields above 20 MV/m. These non quadratic losses are not linked to a field emission because no electrons or X-rays are detected.  A simple in-situ bake-out around 120 C induces modifications of the surface superconducting parameters and the Q-slope removal. The Q-slope improvement seems more easy to achieve if the cavity is electro-polished (EP) rather than etched by using a standard buffered chemical polishing (BCP).  On the basis of these experimental observations, different models have been developed and many experiments carried out to explain the Q-slope origin. We will try to make a overall analysis of theories and experiments to make allowances and to reduce the field of research.

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Visentin B. CEA Saclay

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