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Title A High Power CW Input Coupler for Cornell ERL Injector Cavities
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract A conceptual design of the input coupler for superconducting injector cavities of Cornell ERL project is presented.  The injector cavities are two-cell structures operating at 1300 MHz in CW mode.  The coupler has a symmetric design to accommodate requirements for small transverse kick, high RF power delivery to the cavity, and high coupling value.  It consists of two identical antenna type couplers symmetrically attached to a beam pipe of the cavity.  Each of these individual couplers has to deliver at least 50 kW of CW RF power to the beam.  The coupler has a variable coupling.  Qext varies from 4.6x10 4 to 4.1x10 5.  The symmetric design of the coupler dramatically reduces the transverse kick, a critical requirement for the ERL project.  Individual couplers design is based on the design of TTF-III TESLA couplers but it has been significantly modified for requirements of ERL injector cavities.

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Veshcherevich V. Cornell University
Bazarov I. Cornell University
Belomestnykh S. Cornell University
Liepe M. Cornell University
Padamsee H. Cornell University
Shemelin V. Cornell University

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