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Title Development of a pulsed light ion accelerator module based on half-wave resonators.
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract A new injector for the cooler Synchrotron COSY at FZ Juelich has been foreseen based on half-wave resonators. The first prototype of the inductive RF power coupler has recently been built and will be used to operate the prototype cavities in a vertical bathcryostat. The coupling is adjustable to get a loaded Q of 106 to 109. Concerning the cavity different mechanical tuning concepts have been analysed. One solution is now under fabrication including a piezo fine tuner to compensate the Lorentz-Force-Detuning. The cryomodul design, which houses four cavities, will be finished - taking into account the restricted place of the whole linac.

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Eichhorn R. FZJ
Esser F.M. FZJ
Laatsch B. FZJ
Schug G. FZJ
Stassen R. FZJ
Toelle R. FZJ
Zaplatin E. FZJ

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