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Title RF System Modeling for the JLAB 12 GeV Upgrade and RIA
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract Jefferson Lab is using the MATLAB Simulink library for RF systems developed for TTF as a tool to develop a model of its 12 GeV upgrade and the Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) to study the behavior and performance of the RF control system. The library includes elements describing a superconducting cavity with mechanical modes excited by Lorentz Force effects and a klystron including saturation characteristics. It can be applied to gradient and phase or in-phase and quadrature control for cavities operating in either a self-excited loop or generator driven mode.  We will provide an overview of the theory behind the library components and present initial modeling results for Jefferson Labs 12 GeV Upgrade and the RIA systems.

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Simrock S. DESY
Delayen J. TJNAF
Hovater C. TJNAF
Hofler A. TJNAF

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