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Title Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Novel High Power RF Input Couplers
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract Two types of novel high power RF coupler were developed and designed by AMAC to reliably operate at an average power level over 200 kW and to exceed the present specification requirements for the SNS accelerator project.  CPI performed the manufacturing optimization and the fabrication of prototypes. The RF couplers were conditioned and tested at the Jefferson Laboratory. An innovative feature consisting of a compression ring was incorporated to reduce the tensile forces on the ceramic by pre-stressing the ceramic and increase the reliability of the ceramic window.  Watercooling is used to remove the dissipated power at the window and the antenna. Extensive calculations were performed to optimize window design using MAFIA, HFSS, ANSYS, multipacting program.  Based on the above efforts, an innovative RF surfaces design (AMAC-2) was developed to remove the chocks used in AMAC-1 and provided the following advantages: better vacuum, easier cleaning, and less secondary electron-multipacting.  The simulation, design consideration, engineering design and results of the RF high power qualification were briefly discussed in this paper.

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Shu Quan-Sheng AMAC
Susta Joe AMAC
Cheng Guangfeng AMAC
Einarson Steven CPI
Treado Todd CPI
Guss William CPI
Tracy Michael CPI
Campisi Isidoro JLAB
Stirbet Mircea JLAB

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