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Title High Power Input Coupler for KEKB SC Cavity and new 1MW Test Bench
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract KEKB  superconducting cavities have been driving the design current of 1.1 A  from spring of 2003. To increase luminosity of KEKB, the current will be increased as high as possible. For higher current operation of superconducting cavity  more than 1.1 A for KEKB, one of key component is a high power input coupler. To increase operation power of 300 kW to 500 kW, the 1 MW coupler test bench have been constructed. The new couplers already  tested up to 500 kW with  doorknob transitions enforced air cooling at the new  1 MW coupler test bench.

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Mitsunobu S KEK
Akai K KEK
Ebihara K KEK
Furuya T KEK
Isagawa S KEK
Nakanishi H KEK
Yamaga M KEK
Sun Yi   IHEP
Kijima Y Mitsubishi
Tanaka T Furukawa

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