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Title Characteristics of  TiN  Anti-multipactor Layers  Reached By Titanium  Vapor Deposition on Alumina Coupler Windows
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract A procedure  of  thin  TiN  layers  generation  on RF coupler  surfaces  was  developed  at  DESY in order to reduce multipactor  effects. Within  last  three years roughly  200 various  components  of  couplers  for  Tesla Test  Facility (TTF) have  been  TiN-coated  using  titanium  vapor  deposition  in  ammonia. Surface  layer  properties  which are  essential  for  coupler  performance, like secondary  electron  yield (SEY) and  loss  tangent,  have  been studied. The  loss  tangent in  RF  field, measured for TiN-coated  cylindrical alumina  coupler  windows showed  a considerable  growth  with  rising  layer  thickness  for  thickness values higher  than  9 nm.  The  chemical  composition  of  a  typical  TiN  anti-multipactor  layer  was  determined  using  XPS  analysis. The  received  depth  profiles  revealed  that  titanium  dioxide  and  titanium oxinitrides dominate  TiN  across  the  layer.

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Lorkiewicz J. DESY
Bilinski A. Inst.of Physical Chemistry, Warsaw, Poland
Fadina T. DESY
Kula J. The A.Soltan Inst. for Nuclear Studies, Swierk,Poland
Pszona S. The A. Soltan Inst. for Nuclear Studies, Swierk, Poland
Sobczak J. Institute for Physical Chemistry, Warsaw, Poland
Yu Z. Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing

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