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Title Microphonics Measurements in RIA Cavities
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract Phase stabilization of the RIA drift-tube cavities in the presence of microphonics will drive the rf power requirements for the RIA driver linac.  Microphonics measurements on the ANL beta=0.4 two-cell spoke cavity have been performed many at high fields and using a new cavity resonance monitor devide developed in collaboration with JLAB. Cold tests on the fully jacketed two-cell spoke operated under realistic conditions are the first ever on a multi-cell spoke geometry and indicate exceptional performance in this regard with no low-lying mechanical modes which couple to the cavity rf eigenfrequency. Rather, at useful accelerating fields of Eacc=7-8 MV/m the modest frequency jitter (roughly 5 Hz RMS) is due to low frequency non-resonant vibrations from pool boiling in the helium bath. The issue of microphonics is being addressed at Argonne in three ways: (1) construction of piezoelectric and magnetostrictive tuners, (2) cavity design to reduce the pressure sensitivity and (3) reducing the source of helium pressure fluctuations.

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Kelly M.P. ANL
Shepard K.W. ANL
Fuerst J.D. ANL
Kedzie M. ANL

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