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Title RF conditioning and testing of fundamental power couplers for the RIA project
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract The Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) is the highest priority of the nuclear physics community in the United States for a major new accelerator facility. A principal element of RIA will be a 1.4 GeV superconducting heavy-ion linac for accelerating isotopes from hydrogen to uranium onto production targets. The superconducting linac technology is closely related to that used at existing accelerators and the Spallation Neutron Source. Taking advantage of JLABS SRF Institute facilities and expertise for the SNS project, preparation of couplers, RF conditioning and high power tests have been performed on fundamental power couplers for the RIA project. The fundamental power couplers are 50-ohm coaxial lines with planar ceramic windows similar in design with the SNS fundamental power couplers. The JLABs pulsed 805 MHz 1 MW room temperature test stand was used for RF tests.  After RF conditioning, the first two RIA fundamental power couplers have sustained in traveling wave mode power levels of 200 kW (pulsed RF, 1 ms 60 Hz) well above the specifications (intended CW operation up to 10 kW). An overview of the RIA fundamental power couplers, procedures applied and RF tests results will be given in this paper.

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Stirbet M. Jefferson Laboratory
Popielarski J. Michigan State Universitiy
Grimm T.L. Michigan State Universitiy
Johnson M. Michigan State Universitiy

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