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Title Engineering a Light Source for the Future: Studies of a Higher Order Mode Absorber for Cornells Energy Recovery Linac
Type Poster coupler / tuner / controls
Abstract An X-Ray source for the future will need to produce brilliant, ultra-short and coherent pulses of light to allow exploration of new biology and material science. Engineering this light source will push the envelope of accelerator engineering. Cornell proposes the construction of an energy recovery linac based light source. One crucial challenge in the design is the control of the higher order mode spectrum in the main linac and injector cavities spanning from 1.3 to over 40 GHz. Presented here are results of continuing investigation into the electromagnetic properties of various microwave absorbing materials from 1 to 18 GHz at room and liquid nitrogen temperatures.

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Barstow B Cornell
Liepe M Cornell
Padamsee H Cornell

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