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Title Properties and structure of electrodeposited copper layers in parts of the TTF power coupler
Type Poster materials / surface effects
Abstract The TESLA input coupler has to transmit pulses up to 1MW RF peak power and at an average up to 300 kW for an 800 us long beam pulse. The transmission line parts should combine low heat conductivity and high electrical surface conductivity. Therefore stain less steel pipes or bellows are plated by a thin copper layer (10-20 um) at the RF surface. Such parts are exposed to high temperatures in a UHV furnace during fabrication and treatment. Influence of copper thickness, coating technique and annealing parameters on the microstructure, RRR, electrical and thermal conductivity is investigated. Two processes take place during heat treatment. On one hand occurs the recrystallization of copper that positively influenced the required parameters, on the other hand the diffusion of elements from stain less steel at high temperatures can significantly pollute the copper and reduce the electrical properties of the layer. Reasonable parameters of the heat treatment for electrodeposited copper layers are defined.

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Singer X. DESY
Singer W. DESY
Moeller W.-D. DESY

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