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Title Correlation studies between material and surface characteristics and superconducting properties of Nb for RF cavities
Type Poster materials / surface effects
Abstract In an attempt to improve our understanding of microscopic surface characteristics of practical superconducting rf structures, the Jefferson Lab Institute for Superconducting RF Science and Technology has initiated characterization studies of the niobium surfaces produced by our current preparation techniques and is measuring possible correlations between residual contaminations, surface oxide structure, surface morphology, microstructure of samples, and high-field surface impedance. Samples from the same material are co-processed in a mock cavity together with a single cell cavity and subjected to surface profilometry, SIMS, metallographic optical microscopy, SIMS, SAM, SFEM, and SEM analysis. Variations in the produced surfaces are described with respect to sample orientation in the mock cavity during processing, chemical processing bath temperature, BCP vs. electropolish preparation, and subsequent thermal treatments. Though the study has just begun, results and analysis to date will be presented.

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Reece C. E. JLab
Mammosser J.  
Phillips L.  
Valente A-M  
Wang T.  
Wu A. T.  

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