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Title Morphology of niobium films sputtered at different sputtering target-substrate angle
Type Poster materials / surface effects
Abstract The Q-degradation versus accelerating field represents a great limitation for Niobium sputtered electron cavities. Moreover it is well-known that passing to middle beta cavities, by increasing the sputtering target-substrate angle, the Q-slope becomes more and more severe. The authors have investigated the role that such angle has onto film morphology.

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Tonini D. INFN-LNL
Greggio C. INFN-LNL
Keppel G. INFN-LNL
Laviano F. Torin Politechnical
Losito R. CERN
Musiani M. CNR-IENI
Torzo G. CNR
Palmieri V CNR-LNL

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